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Castlerock Pet Hospital Reviews

The Castlerock Pet Hospital team appreciates you taking the time to share your feedback with us. Read our reviews and testimonials to see why people choose us.

Our Reviews

This place is the best. Vets love to say that your pets are like family, these guys don’t say it, they live it. And they don’t nickel and dime you for everything. I can’t believe how reasonable their rates are after my last vet. I actually just left a geriatric checkup for one of my dogs and they didn’t even charge. I love this place

Brett N.

This clinic saved my dog’s life, while we were out of town my dog had busted through a window and severed her front leg muscles and tendons, our pet sitter took her in and they saved her life with an emergency surgery! Without there quick actions, Roxy would have bled out, but 4 years later she is living her best life!
Halle B.

Dr. Carrera and the staff at Castelrock were absolutely fantastic. We are from out of town visiting friends in Georgetown when our almost 16 year old dog was having more and more difficulty walking and was waking up very distressed and panicked. They saw us the same day we called and said that she was likely in a lot of pain and confirmed there was nothing more we could do than what we were already doing. They were so kind and sympathetic helping us let our girl cross the rainbow bridge.
David K.

Dr. Hoff is a new owner of Castlerock. He has helped us get through a difficult time with our beloved pup. He explained her health issues and answered our questions and concerns. He and his staff were so compassionate and loving. Thank you to all of them who helped us through a most difficult time.
Nancy F.

Been my family’s vet for as long as I can remember. When there’s something wrong, they try and get us in as soon as they can, and they obviously care for all of their patients! My animals get doted on everytime they come, and it makes them feel more relaxed. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a new vet!

Abigail N.

I work at the Georgetown Animal Shelter and our staff kept talking about how great Castlerock was. After being with my old vet for 6 years, they were growing tremendously- which is great but they definitely lost that personable touch over time. Everything felt very robotic, rushed, and like they just weren’t taking the time to go over everything. It started to become hard to even get in for weeks at a time. Castlerock did not disappoint. They’ve already performed a minor surgery on one of my girls, and started a treatment program for my other girls allergies. Dr. Hoff really took the time to discuss everything in detail and even took extra time past our appt to x-ray her back legs to confirm some arthritis. I just get a general overall good vibe about this place and am glad we made the switch.
Christina B.